Website Brief

About my site

My new site will be a personal blog of how I live in the new ‘Gig Economy’.  I will share how-to tips, thoughts, learnings and experiences of some of the many hobbies and loves in my life that keep me balanced and happy both mentally, creatively, emotionally, physically and financially.  It will focus on my work in Marketing, my creative side of crafts, art and decorating, my travel journeys, eating well and actively being happy.


Target Audience

It will target the following audiences:

  • DIY/Décor enthusiasts
  • Foodies
  • Pet lovers
  • Self-employed /small business owners/entrepreneurs/marketing professionals

I believe the demographic of my audience to be Irish females in their late 30’s to 50’s who have an interest in living better.



The goals of the blog are to:

  • Increase my own brand awareness
  • Act as a portfolio of my work
  • Generate leads for contracts as a Marketing consultant; To sell my art and seasonal decorations and To get bookings as a merchandisers and shop window dresser


Domain and Hosting

The domain name I have chosen is and I can register for a cost of 24.95 Euro per year. Why that name? Read more here

I will take the Starter hosting package from at a cost of 60euro per year (although a current promotion give 3 months free reducing the cost for the initial 12 months to 45 euro.


Site Functionality

My site will have the following functionality

  • Blog
  • Gallery portfolio
  • Event COuntdown Calendar
  • Contact
  • Search Function
  • Social media integration


Metrics for Measurement

I will measure the success of my new site using the following KPIs:

  • Volume of Traffic
  • Rate of engagement
  • On-line PR, EWOM and Social Shares
  • Phone calls
  • Contact Us
  • Emails
  • Actual Sales


Unique Selling Point

What makes this blog different is that it brings both career, creative/DIY and lifestyle together. It bridges between two very competitive blog types – Lifestlye blogs (looking at DIY, Décor, Art, Food, Style, Travel and well being) and Business blogs (looking at Marketing/digital marketing/career/entrepreneur/management).

I know many bloggers share tips on blogging and photography; my tips will be looking at all aspects of abroad ranging full integrated Marketing Plan.

Ultimately, what will make my blog different will be that it tells my story and will show how my work in marketing has literally given me a platform to showcase my many other hobbies and turn them into income streams. My ambition is that in sharing my world with followers will inspire others to juggle multiple gigs and to follow their passions.


Competitor Analysis

The blog has universal appeal of anyone at my age and stage and shared belief of living better and workign smarter but it is specifically targetted at the irish market as it is there that I would also target to sell art, flower arrangments/crafts/decorations and to book  decorating workshops and window dressing.

I really don’t know what Irish blogs would compete with this head on but I have come across personal lifestyle blogs like A little bird which I love and Green Side Up. The Little Green Spoon is also a lovely Irish site but it’s all food.

Three competitor sites are , ,

Of these I like because it is very clean, giving a contemporary no fuss feel. I love the use of great photography and galleries to showcase the awe inspiring and stunning imagery


Website Style

The style of my site will be clean in design, personal in tone and full of galleries. I’m not a great reader and I’m all about the pictures but alos, it is the trend and direction that content type has moved and will be even more so into the future. Other sites that I perceive to be like this are

For example is personal as it sharing the journey of a couple as they DIY their way through an almost-130-year-old house,and the design is very clean and contemporary.

Other sites that I do not believe to be:

-personal is, although I do love the metaphor it represents Live Better, Work Smarter wihtouth the restriction on wearing pants!

-clean and contemporary nor full of aglleries is,as it looks more like a newsletter, very busy with headings and list of posts with little imagery