“Girls in white dresses with pink satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver-white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favourite things

Welcome to Pink Satin Sashes! My name is Rachel and I use this space to share a few of my favourite things – my love for my work, my hobbies and my pets.

My personal and professional journey has brought me to the space.

Turning 40 was a real milestone for me and I decided it was time to plan for the future. Always feeling like I had never quite cracked the whole work-life balance thing and wanting to spend increasing more time with my two adorable dogs, I took a year out in search of a lifestyle that would give me fulfillment and financial stability for the next 40 years!

I had worked for the blue chip corporate, I’d lectured, I’d set up and run two business ventures, I’d been in sales and business development, I’d  raised serious money as a corporate fundraiser. I recognised I had developed a small yet very useful set of skills but something was missing.

 So, I started thinking about all of my favourite things!

 I thought about all the things I loved in my childhood – my art and painting classes, making DIY craft projects, sewing, creating, decorating the house for all the seasons but particularly at Christmas, Easter and Halloween. My love for being in the garden with my mum and taking walks in the countryside emersed in nature.

As a college student my favourite part-time jobs were working as a waitress and in a florists. I loved seeing the menu change and watching the fresh produce being delivered. I was even allowed bake the scones in the tennis club house cafe! In Cork florists I learned so much about celebrating and the gift of giving; I learnt the nuts and bolts of flower arranging and amazing Christmas decorating ideas.

In my late twenties, I hit my entertaining buzz – the sheer joy of getting friends and family together over a delicious, simple meal at a stunningly decorated table, often themed to celebrate the season. And of course, as my career in Event Management progressed, the ultimate party for me to throw was a theme party. From there my love for Halloween decor grew and grew. Oh! just give me a fancy-dress party!!

 In my thirties, time spent living in Italy gave me a new appreciation for cultural differences, art, style and eating great food in season in simple, easy to make meals. I started lecturing and loved it. I loved how much I learned form my students and how it really kept me on my toes with everything in the world of Marketing.

It was in Italy that I also started my first on-line venture in retail. I learned so much about being on-line and social media at a time when it was all just evolving. I think we had one of the first company Facebook pages! It was really hard to pull the plug on a business I had sunk my heart and soul into for 4 years but now with hindsight I can say, thankfully I hard the smarts to do it.

And there it was – I had my list; the list of all my favourite things: Marketing, Lecturing, Painting, Creating, Making, Decorating, Style, Exploring new cultures through Travel, eating well and  spending time with my pet dogs.

  Bit by bit the jigsaw started coming together and the pieces began to make a more complete picture of me juggling several different jobs and to work at turning my hobbies into income. Sharing this thought with a new friend one evening over dinner (who was very clever and near completing her MBA), she nodded and said “ya, you’re the perfect example of someone living in the Gig Economy”.

And there it was, the phrase that let me know it was all possible; that normalised my existance. I was going to juggle all my gigs and setting up this blog was the platform that would let me bring it all together.

So I hope you enjoy my chats, rants and demos and that it gives you some insight into my life of “gigs” and I hope it inspires you to live better, work smarter and be happy!

 Thanks for following. ♥